Cute Apple Memo Pad

What do you think is this? Well, it’s not just an apple, it’s an apple memo pad. Pretty cute, huh? We bought it a few months ago. The second image may seem to be similar to the book cover of the most popular novel Twilight, a young-adult vampire-romance novel. This book became the bestseller when published last 2005. The author, Stephenie Meyer became well-known for her novels and sold 100 million copies globally. She is also the author of The Host, another popular book.

Anyhow, there’s also a pear memo pad. but as far as I know, it’s already out of stock. So sad. I used photoshop on the second photo to put more impact. Black and white background, delightful color on the apple. To be honest, it took me 2 hours to that kind of thing. Literally. It’s just because you have to trace the apple with the pen tool. Then when I’m almost done, I repeated it ’cause I can’t undo it as many times as I want. Urgh, I’ll never do that in my entire life. Ever.

You see that red thing at the back of the memo pad? It’s a paper clip. Well, if you have a clear eyesight (not like me), you can probably see it. The t-shirt that I’m wearing probably matched the memo pad. It’s like the apple suddenly came out in it. 🙂


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