My Starbucks 2011 Planner

My Starbucks 2011 Planner

I’ve been asking my brother a couple of months ago if I could have his planner. The first answer was a ‘no’. But I’m always asking him whenever he gets home. Until then, he said that he won’t be needing it because he already have a planner in his computer. And so, he said that this will be my graduation gift from him.

Actually, there are three designs. A maroon velvet fabric, a cool clean stainless steel and a stained dark wood panels in its cover. Here they are to lose confusion:

What my brother chose is the silver one. All of them is  pretty so, anything will do. The content of it was so clean and so beautiful to look at. Oh, I almost forgot, these planners are only available on December every year. But you’re not gonna buy it directly, you need to buy frapps to complete the form given to you. Every year, they produce different designs of planners. And I’ll say this one’s the best from the other planners they’ve produced.


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