A Fun But a Failure End @ Treveia, Nuvali

Before we went to Treveia, we ate lunch at Racks first. We ate onion rings, baby ribs for me and my brother and fish and chips for my mom. Then, we went to White Berry to buy some froyos for our cousins. So we went to our van after buying and gave the froyos to my cousins.

Finally, we’re on our destination. We took some pictures first and my cousins go swimming. While us, we don’t want to put ourselves in the pool. So we went to the gym ’cause I think I’m really getting fat this summer (For me, I guess.)

Whew, That was really tiring. I used the¬†treadmill for almost 25 minutes and I can’t believe I only lost 80 claories (I’ts only a bag of chips, you know). Then I realized that eating a Tomi chips is already 125 calories, which is bigger than what I’ve burned out during this exercise.

After exercising, we ate some tropical bacon pizzas and a cake. We also celebrated my lolo’s birthday and mother’s day:

After making my stomach full, me and my brother enjoyed using the photo booth of mac while my cousins started playing billards. My brother looks crazy but funny with the pictures he took. While me, I have this picture taken:

After that, were ready to have dinner at Conti’s. But the point is, it didn’t happen. What happened is that our old van can’t start it’s engine. My dad and our driver tried to fix it and we’re waiting at the lobby of Treveia, sitting in a couch. It’s actually freezing there and I can’t sleep while waiting. I totally need a jacket at that time, but I didn’t brought one. We’re supposed to be at Conti’s at around 6:00, but it’s already 8:00 and they can’t easily fix the van because of the rainy and windy season. So dad took me and my brother using the other car (not big enough for my cousins to fit in there). We feel pitty for our cousins that’s still in Treveia as we arrived home. Finally, we heard that my dad called my uncle to fetch them at around 9:15. It’s a good thing that Conti’s is still open until 10:00. So they ate there and fetch my cousins home.


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