June 17, 2011

A while ago, we had our Acquaintance Party. There are many teams. It’s white, pink, red, yellow, blue and my team, green. Each person has to wear the same color on where they were grouped. There were 4 stations. We have to go to each station and do what we have to do. Our team first went to the Gym lobby for our 1st station. Our team was divided into 4 groups. Each group has a time of I think 1:30 seconds to answer the questions given. The questions were all about our country, like what do the others usally celebrate such as festivals and also the information about the heroes of our country. But in the end, our team only got 1 point. Yeah, I know we’re lame.

The 2nd station is a good one. Your objective is to don’t let the balloon fall to the ground. Each group has a very long piece of yarn. Were holding our yarn, and we’ve gotta make a web with only small spaces so that the ballon won’t fall. And we’ve got the highest number of bouces from the other groups, which is 8.

Then it’s time for the 3rd station. We have to keep our feet in the mat and we shouldn’t touch the floor. Then, there is a puzzle at the end of the destination. You’ve got to complete it and it’s all about God’s creation.

The 4th station was also a good one, too. Sir let us draw a house, a sun, a path, and a tree with a bird on it with our eyes stick on a BLINDFOLD. And it turns out my drawing is like a pre-school drawing, or even worse. Then, he let us draw at the back of the paper, and this time without the blindfold. He let us draw a house, a river, a sun, a tree and a snake. Each of them represents something. The house is yourself, the tree is your mom, the river is your friend, the sun is your dad and the snake is the bad one. And for example, you drew the tree near the house, it means that you and your mom are close to each other.

The last but not the least, the 4th station. We put our shoes at the other side of the gym. The thing is you shouldn’t tie your own shoe lace, it should be someone who got your shoes from the other side. So that’s just the rule of the game.

And when were done and completed the 4 stations, we already went to our classroom and went home.


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