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June 17, 2011

A while ago, we had our Acquaintance Party. There are many teams. It’s white, pink, red, yellow, blue and my team, green. Each person has to wear the same color on where they were grouped. There were 4 stations. We have to go to each station and do what we have to do. Our team … Continue reading

La Virginia Resort || 4.21-23.11

We went to have our family outingĀ at La Virginia Resort last April 21-23, 2011. There are exciting things such as wall climbing, pool, and zipline. They also have spa, jacuzzis and other shiz for those who like to relax for a while. Uhm, lets say that I didn’t somehow enjoy our family outing there. First … Continue reading

Hello Kitty Cake

I’ve been collecting Hello Kitty stuffs since I was born. I mean, when I was a younger. Actually, I didn’t bought this. My mom did. My mom and my brother went out to renew their passport a week ago. Then went to ATC right after. I’m just laying in my bed using my bro’s laptop … Continue reading

My Starbucks 2011 Planner

I’ve been asking my brother a couple of months ago if I could have his planner. The first answer was a ‘no’. But I’m always asking him whenever he gets home. Until then, he said that he won’t be needing it because he already have a planner in his computer. And so, he said that … Continue reading

New Blog Means New World.

This is my first time to create a blog because of boredom. I had actually thought of creating a blog before but I think it’s very time-consuming and I still don’t know where to start. But it’s summer right now anyway, and I make each summer day count like what Phineas and Ferb does. However, … Continue reading