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Off Limits

This picture was taken after a hundred years. I mean, a long time ago back after we recently bought a SLR camera. I was kinda bored when we went to Nuvali, so I took pictures up. As far as I can remember, we love biking during those days, and we used to bike in Nuvali.

Good Bye GIFS, Hello Cinemagraphs!

We got the idea of cinemegraphs from Jamie Beck. She’s a fashion photograher in New York. A cinemagraph is like a GIF but it more pleases one’s eyes. If a person would judge the picture, cinemagraphs doesn’t look like it keeps on repeating, unlike GIFS.  Here’s some of cinemagraphs of Jamie Beck: Our cinemagraphs isn’t that perfect than … Continue reading

My Starbucks 2011 Planner

I’ve been asking my brother a couple of months ago if I could have his planner. The first answer was a ‘no’. But I’m always asking him whenever he gets home. Until then, he said that he won’t be needing it because he already have a planner in his computer. And so, he said that … Continue reading

Cute Apple Memo Pad

What do you think is this? Well, it’s not just an apple, it’s an apple memo pad. Pretty cute, huh? We bought it a few months ago. The second image may seem to be similar to the book cover of the most popular novel Twilight, a young-adult vampire-romance novel. This book became the bestseller when published … Continue reading